Fast Forward: How the Fastest 3D Printer is Reshaping Dentistry

uniz nbee dental 3d printer

Here at Voxel, we're passionate about dental technology. Truly great tech has the ability to enhance your workflows in dentistry, and can even impact your bottom line as a practice. We're constantly evaluating the latest and greatest tech to see what may best serve our customers for tomorrow. 

Since our foundation in 2016, 3D printing has been a cornerstone of our pursuit to help more practices digitize their workflows. For some time now, we've been evaluating the claims of an internationally renown 3D printing manufacturer, UNIZ, of creating the world's fastest... and we're thrilled to share the results!

As the pioneer and leader of LCD photo-curing technology, UNIZ technology has mastered the core technology of software, hardware, and material closed-loop full self-research, with 40 core patents, and self-research consumables. We'll get into this topic more deeply, but simply put - this innovation is how UNIZ NBEE printers can meet the high output demands of today's dental practices, while not sacrificing quality along the way. 

Today, we're talking about how the UNIZ NBEE printer - including our specially developed Voxel Signature Series NBEE - as well as the high-powered resins that give you the ability to print at world record speeds (6 full arches in 5 minutes).

What Makes UNIZ Different?

One of the innovative ways UNIZ is able to speed up printing times is through its patented LED light source. Essentially, at 16mW/cm2 of power (which is 3-4x more powerful than comparable dental 3D printers), the UNIZ NBEE is "baking" each layer faster than any other printer on the market.

Patented high power collimated light source

16 mW/cm² high power density, 95% uniformity

UNIZ NBEE 3D Printer (3)

When you're "baking" layers with a really powerful light and printing faster, you also need to cool down ☃️ each layer to prepare the next faster as well. Thanks to the UNIZ patented liquid-cooling system (similar to using coolant in your car), the printer is printing a super-thin layer of coolant in each layer to be able to cure layers faster.. and keep up with the output of the machine.

Essentially, with this innovation, the cooling system allows for the printer to keep printing layers quickly without having to wait and cure in between layers.

Patented efficiency liquid-cooling system

Maintain printing temperature below 40℃


They also have a temperature control system for the resin you're using, which also helps you print models exceptionally fast.

Resin temperature control system

Maintain optimal reaction temperature

UNIZ NBEE 3D Printer (4)

So, that's a little bit about how the UNIZ NBEE printers give you the quality printing capabilities you need, at record speeds. Now, let's talk a little about the other features of the UNIZ NBEE that make it such a compelling choice for doctors just getting started with 3D printing, or looking to upgrade their current 3D printer with one with higher efficiency and increased productivity - at an affordable price!


The UNIZ NBEE brings speed to nearly any clinical purpose, from orthodontics to implants and everything in between. With its easy-to-use software, state-of-the-art accuracy, and best-in-class smoothness, the UNIZ NBEE delivers on what dentists and specialists need to increase productivity!

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 10.53.09 AMSeamless Integration

As a dental professional, one nearly impossible thing to ignore when considering adding or changing out a new system is its compatibility with all the other technology you're already using. That's why UNIZ NBEE puts a major emphasis on keeping an open system that can be seamlessly integrated with the leading intraoral scanner brands, and digital design software providers - so you can jump from scan to print, then from print to post-process.

Here at Voxel, we also want this entire digital workflow to be cohesive for you and your staff. That's why we continue evaluating the latest tech, and working with what we believe to be the best brands/manufacturers in each of those steps. We carry the brands doctors trust most for scanning, including 3Shape, Medit and our latest addition - Alliedstar.

We also want you to be successful on your post-treatment, matching the increased productivity potential from your UNIZ NBEE printer. That's why we partner with leading post-treatment brands, including thermoforming for aligner and retainer cases and milling/trimming as well.


To get the best possible results for your patients, we recommend choosing quality thermoforming material. Here at Voxel, we represent Taglus as our choice aligner and retainer sheets.

  • Taglus PU(polyurethane) Flex Aligner Material has elastomeric qualities and flexural modulus perfect for aligner cases, leading to improved case tracking and a more enjoyable patient experience. With industry leading clarity and comfortable fit, Taglus PU Flex is the next step in plastic thermoforming technology. We offer Taglus PU Flex with two sizes .030x124mm round and .040x125mm round starting at $350/box - available for purchase directly through the Voxel store.
  • For retainers, we recommend Taglus TUFF. Taglus TUFF is a leading retainer material for crack-resistant durability, patient comfort and aesthetic clarity. TUFF's durability and shape memory make it ideal for both retention and aligner tooth movements in the .030 thickness. We offer Taglus TUFF .030x124mm round for $169/box - available for purchase directly through the Voxel store.
Aligner Trimming In Under 1 Minute

We're excited to introduce the VHF E3 aligner trimmer as part of our entry into the dental milling market. This model is extremely lightweight, can fit nearly anywhere in your practice, without the use of compressed air! Meaning all you need is a 100V power cord to plug and play - and get started trimming! 

We believe the speed and quality of the VHF E3 will match the UNIZ NBEE for true same-day completion of aligner and retainer cases, as well as night guards and splints. Learn more about why we're excited about the VHF E3 aligner trimmer, by checking out our complete article - AUTOMATING ALIGNER/RETAINER FABRICATION: INTRODUCING THE VHF E3.

We're offering the VHF E3 aligner trimmer for only $16,900 - available at the Voxel store for purchase or by contacting us directly. See product page for ordering and more information.

Open Material System

Another reason to choose UNIZ NBEE for your next 3D printing solution is it's open material compatibility. UNIZ printers give you open access to 100+ third-party resins, so you have maximum flexibility when it comes to clinical preference.

We will stop here to make a brief introduction to something we're excited about sharing.. Through our partnership with UNIZ, we have guided their development team to craft a specialty resin, only available through Voxel. We've worked with many brands, which means constantly testing and evaluating outputs to give us a well-rounded perspective on what today's dental and specialty practices need to maintain high-quality productivity.

Introducing the zDental Model V, exclusively crafted for Voxel Dental. Model V is the fastest printing resin in the industry - formulated for speed as well as accuracy. Here are a few leading benefits, tailored by Voxel and the manufacturer:

  • Excellent precision
  • High reliability
  • High strength
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Well anti-sedimentation compatibility

Ready to see for yourself? zDental Model V resin is exclusively offered through Voxel and can be purchased for $139 per 1KG bottle through the Voxel Store.

A Little About the Voxel Signature Series UNIZ NBEE

Like the development of zDental Model V resin, we also worked closely with the manufacturer to be able to offer an exclusive Voxel Signature Series UNIZ NBEE printer.

In addition to the Voxel branding and purple hood on the printer, the Voxel Signature Series also maximizes what we believe to be the "sweet spot" for 3D printing accuracy - at 150 microns. We have the UNIZ NBEE [Voxel Signature Series] available for purchase for only $10,999.

For a full breakdown of specs and what we can offer you here at Voxel, check out our full brochure below to get started.

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UNIZ NBEE 3D Printer Voxel

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