Introducing Voxel's New Dental Milling Line

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Hi I'm Joe Andrasko with Voxel Dental as you may have heard we've recently brought on a full suite of Milling solutions and products and I'm going to take you through them.

At Voxel Dental, we are constantly evaluating and testing every workflow and every product that we offer. To that end, we are excited to announce that we partnered with Roland and VHF for our Milling Solutions, and we're also carrying consumables from VITA and AIDITE among others to come.

Why Mill In-House?

In-office Milling really allows the doctor an unprecedented level of control over the end product. From the beginning scan, to the design phase, all the way through to the finishing, it's going to be exactly how you communicated to the patient. These days, the options that are available for Milling machines and consumables are much less expensive than they've been in the past. So, now is a great time to look at the options that are available to find a workflow and price point that is best for any individual practice.

Training & Support

At Voxel Dental we have a High Tech, High touch philosophy. And that means we specialize in the areas where different workflows meet. So, with a Milling process, you have a scan that turns into a design, that turns into a mill, that turns into a finished product. And, at each step in this process you're going to going to have questions. So, our training is available. We have unlimited training and support for the entire process, so which we can help you implement this into your practice in the best way possible.

What to Look for in a Mill

Well, that really depends on what you want to do in your office. There's wet Mills and there's dry Mills, and that really depends on what material you want to be Milling. Importantly, you want to look at the build quality of the machine. The machines need to be built very sturdy. Milling machines are used day in and day out, and there's parts that wear. So, maintenance is always a very important question. And then, of course, you want to look at what training and support is available for the process. As I mentioned, it's an entire workflow. Everything from scanning to design to finishing. So, you need to make sure that you're prepared to do every part of that process and you have a partner that's going to help you through it.

Recommendations for Dry Milling

Well for dry Milling we have the Roland DWX 52 Plus and the VHF E5. Both of these are excellent machines, built very sturdy, easy to maintain, easy to integrate into the office environment. So, if you're looking for Milling zirconia pucks and you're doing full Arch Restorations or larger cases this would be an excellent option.

Recommendations for Wet Milling

For wet Milling we have the Roland DWX 42W and the VHF E4. Again, both of these Mills are built very well, they are very sturdy, and easy to maintain. So, for Milling blocks for individual Restorations or Bridges this would be a great option.

At Voxel Dental we're passionate about bringing new digital technology to the dental office. We're very excited to bring this new Milling product line to our customers.


We have a team of dental technology experts ready to help you find the right equipment for your practice, including our resident expert -  Milling Sales Director, Joe Andrasko, who you met today.

We’ve worked with thousands of dentists across the US. We know what it takes to get up and running quickly, especially with new technology. 

That’s why we back all of our products with a comprehensive warranty, 24/7 product support, installation, and perhaps, most importantly, online and on-site training to help get you and your staff started with your new technology as quickly as possible.

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