What is the difference between Vatech and Rayscan CBCT?

vatech vs rayscan cbct

Vatech and Rayscan are both well-known manufacturers of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging systems used in dental and specialty practices. While both companies offer CBCT machines, there are differences between them in terms of technology, features, and product lines.

Below, I'll outline some of the key distinctions between Vatech and Rayscan CBCT systems. For full transparency, we are authorized dealers and represent both of these CBCT brands on a regular basis. Here at Voxel, we're very selective of the brands we choose to work with so that we can provide the highest level of service backed by high quality manufacturing to our customers.

Let's take a look at how we'd compare these two brands when speaking with a prospective CBCT buyer:

  1. Manufacturer Background:

    • Vatech: Vatech is a South Korean company that has been a prominent player in the dental imaging industry for many years. They are known for producing a wide range of dental imaging equipment, including CBCT systems. They also manufacture 2D upgradeable systems (panoramic and pan/ceph) as well as handheld X-ray scanners.
    • Rayscan: Rayscan is also a South Korean manufacturer specializing in dental imaging technology. Rayscan is a subsidiary of Ray Co., Ltd., and they focus exclusively on CBCT systems.
  2. Product Lines:

    • Vatech: Vatech offers a diverse range of CBCT machines, catering to various dental and medical imaging needs. Their CBCT family include the PaX-i3D, PaX-i3D Green 2, PaX-i3D Smart, and more. These systems differ in terms of field of view options, product specifications, image quality, and applications.
    • Rayscan: Rayscan primarily specializes in CBCT systems, and their product line includes devices such as the Rayscan Alpha & Alpha Plus, Rayscan Studio 3D, and other models. Rayscan's focus on CBCT technology allows them to concentrate on refining and enhancing their systems specifically for 3D dental imaging.
  3. Technology & Features:

    • Vatech: Vatech CBCT systems are known for their user-friendly interfaces, advanced imaging technologies, and diverse field-of-view options. Some models may offer unique features such as automatic chin rest adjustment and dose reduction technology.
    • Rayscan: Rayscan CBCT systems are often praised for their image quality, diagnostic accuracy, and advanced software capabilities. Rayscan emphasizes high-resolution imaging and efficient workflow integration in their systems. The Rayscan Studio 3D goes a step further by offering a 3D Face Scan feature, making it a 5-in-1 system. By superimposing all 3D scan data, treatment planning is made easier with a true to life facial scan. We’ll discuss these features in greater depth in our review of the Rayscan Studio 3D CBCT.
    Rayscan 3D Virtual Patient Feature:

  4. Softwares:
    • Vatech: Vatech's 3D imaging management software EzDent-i includes robust dental CBCT management tools such as image analysis and planning functions, to streamline diagnoses and patient care. Plus, the software makes it easy to capture, store, and share cone beam images with labs, referrals, patients and more.
    • Rayscan: Rayscan also offers robust cloud-based 3D imaging software, including with every purchase. The tools available are user-friendly and open source for easy file sharing.
  5. Pricing:

    • Pricing can vary widely based on the specific model and features chosen, particularly the field of view selection. Both Vatech and Rayscan offer different pricing tiers to accommodate various budgets and practice needs.
  6. Support and Service:

    • Both Vatech and Rayscan typically offer support and service for their products. As authorized dealers to both brands, we represent their service arm, and can provide manufacturer servicing and warranties. Compare warranties to determine which fit is right for you. Ultimately, both CBCT brands provide high-level service and comprehensive warranties to dentists, making them competitive in the crowded field of cone beam manufacturers.

Which is Right for Me?

In sum, both Vatech and Rayscan are reputable manufacturers of CBCT systems, and the choice between them should be based on your specific practice needs, budget, and the features you require.

It's essential to carefully evaluate the specifications, support, warranties and pricing of different models from both companies to make an informed decision that aligns with your dental imaging requirements.

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